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Raeldor's News

Posted by Raeldor - 5 days ago


September 2020 Update!

Hey people! How is it going? It's time to update!

Remember I did create a Discord Server, you can join in to check out the news updates more often, or just to get exclusive fun emojis for you to use in other servers!


Discord Server invite!

I'll start this month's update showing you how the archer enemy is progressing.


I did finish the shooting animations (still needs to be textured), now I just need a hit animation and the death animation.

For the time being I plan the archer not to move and just aim somewhat where the player is when in sight.

I also worked hard on some new art for the starting level.


there are more coming, I really need to learn to decorate better the environment, feels kind of empty to me.



And finally this month I started working on the sound engine, though I'm a little far behind on what I had planned because of my PC dying for no reason, some family issues and the fact that I had to take a job offer just to go by.

But anyway, here it is:

Sorry for the quality of the audio, the game is in stereo but for some reason when encoding the video it got recorded as mono. (in the original game the bat flapping sounds left and right).

Well, that's all for this month update and soon this month patrons will be able to enjoy an alpha gameplay demo of the game. (I planned it for last month but things get delayed, sorry :c ).

And remember, I love you :*




Posted by Raeldor - August 9th, 2020


August 2020 Update!



This month I'm not late, and while I felt I didn't work too much in the end it was a lot more than expected with all the things happening.

Did a bunch of animations for the enemies and other nice stuff you'll see...

First I'll make an announcement.

I opened commission slots, if you wanna check the prices, style and availability Click here!

Now with the game I will start with some new coding I had to do.


Cutscenes! They have various ways of being triggered, as a collision object and an auto event that triggers after something happens, manages a lot of stuff, like interacting with objects and camera position objects. 

PS: Don't worry about the bear, I put his health to 1 to keep the gif small enough.

I did some new addition to the graphics on the game. Coding a blood splatter engine!


Similar to a tutorial I saw, but I didn't  like how it looked so in the end did my own thing. I'm gonna show how it looks in-game later.

Some new enemies are entering the world, but depending on the feeling of the combat I might change some of the combat code to accommodate for them.

First we have the mini bats:


They are cute and only have 1 hit point. but will be annoying for sure.


Surprised on how much blood they have in them? I'm not.

Also did a big bad bat, just to have a more threatening enemy version of the bat.



I'm kinda proud of the AI of it, idk how i managed to pull it that well, he keeps flying arround the player never too far nor too close till he decides to attack.

As you can see rolling is an effective way to dodge it, while an attack will automatically throw him off the attack state (so it will be less frustrating to deal with).

Finally, I did some more work on another Rynn animation, She getting up from the fireplace.


It probably only play at the start of the game but I felt it was a good way to start it. Her sitting on a camp she made/found, and when the player touches any input she automatically will get up.


In the end I ended up working on more stuff than expected. I'm also working on other secret stuff I can't show here, and have been studying and working part time. So it felt a very productive month.

PS: There is always ways to improve and be more productive though, I waste some time on discord and YouTube and I'm actively trying to reduce that a little bit. :c (pls help me!)

Anyways if you enjoy what you see consider joining me here in Patreon or following me on twitter, soon I will start putting Patreon only polls and exclusive content!

Patreon link

Twitter link

I also opened a Ko-fi link for donations and Commissions!

ko-fi link



Posted by Raeldor - July 31st, 2020


July 2020 Update!

Well well, I'm one day late from the normal schedule of making the update post on the 4th of every month. :(

To be honest this month I did too little stuff, lots of things are happening on my real life, I'm studying some stuff, doing some pixel art practices. 

Sadly most of my time working on the game was spent on polishing a pixel art version of the title screen (and I'm still working on it, doing the title per se). It took lots of work on redoing every edge, when reducing the image resolution all lines got blurred.


Also, as I tweeted, there is some work still to do on the title. 


So, my plan now is to (when all the images are finished) do some coding on the title screen and the pause menu to revamp the aesthetics a little bit.

So we are finished this month, its been a tough one to go through to be honest.


PS: One of the things that affected me the most is that finally my mom passed away, after years of physical and mental health decline.


Posted by Raeldor - June 25th, 2020


June 2020 update

Sorry I missed posting this update earlier this month in here. I normally post it first on Patreon the 4th of each month.

Anyways, I'm going now to showcase what i worked last month.

This time I feel there is little to show, I practically lost 2 weeks of worktime bc my PC motherboard died and had to replace almost the whole thing, that took me almost a week to order the new motherboard and I used the occasion to also get some new storage hardware (i still used HDDs, now I'm using some nice SSDs), then some weekend lost bc of trying to build my new pc, and then last week my power supply (that I didn't replace) exploded. And also I had to drive my father to the hospital to some minor surgery and of course i had to do more house chores than ususal. 

Anyways I'll stop ranting and complaining. Sorry :c

I'll start with a new mechanic I introduced in the game.


A new slope that forces the player to slide down. This will not replace normal slopes, those are still in the game, so you all don't need to jump on every slope thinking it will be a slippery one.

I also (before my pc blew up) started to do some level design for the start of the game.


It is very linear in this part, but my plan is after the prologue/tutorial the game will be more open similar to metroidvania games (I still have to decide the way to gate the progress).

The last part, as I showed at the start of the month in my Patreon, I did the "Villain" of the prologue:


Yasha Kozlova. go to the character bio #4 post for more info. c: 

So, I really don't know what I'll be working on this coming month, I plan to do 2 more enemies (I think a flying enemy and a humanoid archer would be good). 

Also I'm thinking of redoing entirely how the my tilesets work (yes, again) I'm not yet happy on how they look and the workflow.

And Also, I will work on some new pixel art techniques (that sure will hinder my game dev output a little bit.)

Anyways, take care and be nice to everybody!



Posted by Raeldor - May 9th, 2020


May 2020 Update

Hello world! Are you safe in this weird timeline where everyone is forced to stay home and don't dare to have physical contact with family and friends. Hope you all are well, I am mostly doing well though there are some family issues right now, nothing worrisome. 

Anyways, let's start with this game dev update:


So first point is, that i did finish all the code and combat animations for the bear miniboss. (I only need to make a sleeping and waking up one so there is a little of dramatism on the encounter).


The combat isn't balanced, he has a default health pool, negligible attack damage and attack speed is reduced. Nevertheless I feel like it can have a good combat flow.


I also started to do some new tile sets for the cave and dwarven ruins level. Though there are too few at the moment. I feel that the natural hexagonal rocks could be a good addition to the tile sets, and also are pretty good for the cave background. 


There is also an overlay of moss to make it more humid. I plan to start also with some waterfall/river tiles to give a little more color to all environments, but I have to plan it ahead so it can be used in more than 1 tile set.

Also talking about tile set, I started a new workflow with them that looks like it works much better for me to craft them quicker, I was using some 3rd party auto-tile crafter but felt like the results were too blocky and me crafting them one by one by hand made me work really slow. So, I started doing first mockups of the scenario without worrying too much on the tiles per se, and then move them all to a blueprint that i will use to categorize all the tiles.


As you can see its easier to visualize here where every tile needed is, and also there is plenty of room for tile variations and extra shapes if necessary. 


And here is the bomb. I made a global illumination shader!!!



As you can see I can shift all the color hue, luminosity and saturation on a global scale, while there will be some mask objects that will provide a filter, totally overriding the shader, though I feel it can be improved, like right now it affects all layers no mater what, so background art will also be affected. I feel that could be improved. 


So, next I think I will be working on more tiles. And then hopefully I will start with level design and character design. (I should start making polls some time soon).

Please consider supporting me here, every bit of help counts and soon there will be more meaty updates only for patrons.

Thanks for reading. What do you think about the rhythm I'm working? I feel i could do more but idk where to get more time out of my free time.

Please consider visiting my Patreon and my Twitter for more updates!



Posted by Raeldor - April 4th, 2020

April 2020 update


Before showing any update on the game I must Thank Zliva (@Zliva_art in twitter) for the awesome art that will be featured on the game as the Title screen (I will be doing a pixelated version to better maintain the cohesion, I already asked for permission) and for promo wherever i can feature it!


So let start with the updates!

This month i spent lots of time preparing for the quarantine lock down.

Lots of habits had to be changed, and my day job is in theory essential service (got the shift changed to mornings instead of afternoons). Changing daily habits kinda screwed my health a little bit, and got paranoid with the virus because i started coughing, but that was 3 weeks ago, so probably isn't the virus and i feel healthy.

Luckily I still got work done.

I did finish the wolf's animations, in preparation for the polished playable demo i will be doing.


I also worked a lot on preparing Rynn, the player character, for the that too, she will have limited movement, compared from what I've shown already, and also she will be wielding here father sword during that part of the game.


I've worked also on the game-play a little bit, Rynn had her melee attacks reworked and I added items, and a highlight on the interactive objects/npcs.


She now only can attack in front of her, is not directional, it feels much better than before, the bad part is that you lose control of her movement. She will attack dashing forward even if she is walking backwards, though when fighting with enemies they will be knocked back enough to not make the player be worried about the combo (still tweaking it at the moment).


As you can see, there is a black/orange highlight and a key prompt on the NPC and object you can interact with, when picking up the item a floating full icon of the object fades out, showing you picked it up.


As you can see, the inventory still needs work, but its functional. Using the potion will heal Rynn for a random amount (in a range) you can see the +16 floating there saying she has healed.

And lastly, this past week I started working on a miniboss...



Looks pretty big and menacing, but Rynn is kissing his snout.

Anyways stay awesome people!

RareDoggu/Raeldor Patreon

RareDoggu Twitter

PS: @AllFenom did an awesome Rynn's portrait for Zoria's Game!




Posted by Raeldor - March 6th, 2020

I'm doing monthy updates on my dev shenanigans. please look on the January and February

Now let's start on the March 2020 Update!

Smarch update everyone!

Well, its been a month (29 days) since the last monthly update.

We all need to chill out a little bit, Feb 27 was my birthday but I still worked a little bit on the game, this month I started on a day job, it doesn't take too much of my time but I think it will kinda affect my output (Let's hope not).

Anyways start with the game updates:

Did a new enemy. The dire wolf


He can protecc...


He can attacc...


But most importantly, he can combatt...


Anyways, the wolf is a very erratic enemy to fight, not like the paladin, and has a very short telegraph attack.

Well, In the last gif its hinted a thing called action node (Its an invisible object where certain NPC would interact with it if the conditions are met).

For example if the wolf is not in combat (alerted of the player) he will use the nodes to jump certain distance, and the node also tells if he can make it or will fall, so the wolf can choose not to jump.


(Pls Don't notice that he fails to slow down before falling on the edge :c )


Well this section wont have images. sorry :o

I'm gonna talk combat, it feels good but it's hard to get used to. so I'm gonna redo it a little bit (the melee part), Instead of directional, melee combat will be only fixed in front of the player, will nullify movement and, depending on the current attack, it also will give boosts of speed in the direction is facing. Wo in the end will be more traditional combat.

But I will be adding alternate attacks (have to decide the type tho) to give Rynn combo attacks. c:


And finally, some days ago i uploaded the new character bio...

Raeldor Draken, Rynn's father.


He is carrying the sword Rynn will carry at the start of the game... (oops, spoilers).

anyways, I wont write again all that lengthy post, If you wanna check it, its full of world lore. look on the following link!

Raeldor Draken character bio

Well, that's kinda all I did this month, so a little hint on what I'm working on march.

Inventory, code tweaks, Interface?, moar enemies...

Also I would recommend you to check my twitter!

I do small updates all the time there.

You can also check my other game demo: Legacy Raiser on GameJolt, Itch.io, or Patreon

See ya later albatross (or was it crocodile?)



Posted by Raeldor - February 4th, 2020

For last month update refer to my patreon (I forgot to update it here) :

January 2020 update

So, lest start with the new one owo:

February 2020 update

February 2020 Update

Wat is dis? owo, a new update?

Yes, im trying to do a monthly update to keep things consistent and informing people interested in my stuff.

About tilesets:

Well kinda i got tangled into the drawing textures vibe, ended doing 3 different tilesets for the mountain levels (one was already done). Those tiles have transition tiles so can be used all at once.


About new Collision objects:

I made some basic breakable block (base code and a temp art), that has some armor assigned to it, so when some object is too strong for normal attacks you actually will do 0 damage to it.


About NPC interaction:

Did some work also on the interaction front, you can talk to certain characters, is still in dev, but they have storing variables to know what they have said already. Not sure if I will make dialogue choices, certainly I made the code open enough to contemplate that possibility but the story may be too narrow to let the player make choices (current conversation is not final).


About combat:

I made one final main adjustment to combat, Tied the basic attack to the energy so Rynn wont be able to stunlock enemies like this.


So now the combat looks more tight.


About next steps:

I'm kinda mentally blocked right now and I don't know where to proceed, I have some list of things to do, but it may be time to start making the start of the game properly just because there is enough stuff to start getting over the prototyping stuff. (Though I need some more assets for that). 

So, what do you say, start making the starting area and game-play or keep iterating on new features?

if you want you can come to my twitter or patreon:

Twitter @Raeldor

Patreon @Raeldor



Posted by Raeldor - November 8th, 2019


Hello pipol!

I've been contacted from some of the players, and based on the feedback I changed some things about the "Action stage"

v. 1.1:

  • Reduced the harpy enemy hit points to half.
  • Made a mid level save point system (after the boss).
  • Made possible for controllers to respawn after death.
  • Polished some general bugs.

You can download the game on my Itch.io page: Legacy Raiser Demo page

On another note, I've been working on another project for a while (I think that will be my main focus now). Right now its only a prototype to make the gameplay feel good.




she hits hard! (jk, i messed up with the knockback vaues)


damage numbers, critical damage and screenshake effects.

As a prototype, of course all the art is temp and will be updated frecuently.


See ya!



Posted by Raeldor - September 1st, 2019


Here you can download the game from my patreon for free!

Patreon post for the demo

I tried, i really tried to make the demo work on Newgrounds, I couldn't manage to make the game work propperly in HTML5, so this time it won't be shared as is, I'm really sad...


Welp, you still can enjoy it if you use windows!