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Raeldor's News

Posted by Raeldor - 3 weeks ago

March update is here, and I feel I missed a deadline :_(

I had planned to release the whole prologue before the end of February, well, my birthday happened and some stuff I had to handle irl. And also I missed the scope of stuff I had to polish for the prologue.

Anyways, as always here comes the update of what I managed to work for the game this month.


I did add some ruins in the background for this part of the game. Not a lot more to say on this part. 



Also, there is some new triggers, this is the combat trigger, activated when hit (or destroyed, depending on the settings that are put in it).


Used here for example.

I also have a collision trigger, and eventually some button triggers. we will see when they are done, I suppose new triggers will be made when I need them, after all the base is already done, just change some stuff on the trigger and done, new trigger!


I tweaked the flash shaders, now the flash is gradual, and can display different colors, not only white (or red and green on Rynn with separate shaders) So this is now unified.



Normal death sprite!



Well, that's most of what I did this month, I also got ready with level design, and while doing it I felt like the maps were too big, so feedback will be expected with this next release. I will try to get it uploaded on the weekend.


If you wanna try the game right now, a 1$ pledge will give you access to the Prologue Release

Check my twitter and discord also!!



Posted by Raeldor - February 18th, 2021


It's day 4th of the month! Time  for Game dev Update and oh boy, this is a big one. Seems like the past couple of weeks I got lots of stuff done. I started a new daily schedule that is helping a lot with the development and of course not having any major setbacks like holydays or other irl stuff.

I revamped the inventory system, when I did the old one I was using a very convoluted way to manage it and also was half done, was good enough for the time being (only holding potions) but as time went on it felt too hard to use.


Now the inventory will have 10 item slots that can be stacked, throw away or used (none of the current object examples are usable though, they only are placeholders). Health potions and money have separate fixed slots.


At first I wanted potions to be stackable objects too, but while that felt "realistic" it didn't work well with the game style, where you have to open the inventory to use a potion, so I made the "H" key the use potion button, that made me think what potion to use? big ones first? look for specific potion effects? too complex so I went with the "Dark Souls" style potions, you have a maximum to stack that can be increased and also can be leveled up to heal more in one go.

As a part of the Inventory development I also added money in the game (It's really weird for Rynn to carry money, she is after all never used it xD, but I will figure something out in the story) And I went and also put some basic assets, the spinning coins and a chest.


the coins only drop from chest right now, and they serve no purpose but they are shiny and they like Rynn so much they float to her (Pick me up barbarian-sempai!) and they do tingle when picked up.

On the drawing side I messed with Rynn's idle animations a little bit.


(Secret: She will not carry the sword all the time after the prologue)

I (theoretically) finished a new character design for a patron that will appear in the game as an optional miniboss encounter.


It's Vampire Rynn!

NOT! I'm joking she is Kiuna, a vampire lady that belongs to @minirop. I will post the Bio when I get the story finished.

Now to explain all the backend stuff I can't really show a lot of that here but is nonetheless important!

I worked on the floating texts that are in-game, like the little tutorial text, the pickup numbers and the damage/heal numbers. Before they were drawn on the game layer, that makes them get affected by the scene lighting, in a dark room they wouldn't be visible and I had a workaround with that by just putting a light object that followed the text.

But now I moved everything to the GUI layer, they were harder to code on that layer, because depends on the camera position and other stuff but once I solved it now they wont require a light and always will be drawn at full color and wont be darkened or drawn behind anything except the menu.

Had some trouble adapting the cutscene system to work when far from the player and having the dialogue system integrated on that, they seemed that they didn't like to get along and in the heat of the situation the camera object lost track of the aiming system and had lots of bugs with that, but finally fixed it.

I also had some work changing the damage numbers on enemies, they were too low at the moment and if the player had their luck stat too high any attack would heal them (hint at the RPG system o_O). Touching that weirdly fixed a bug I had with the bear encounter, where if you rolled to make him turn and then rolled back again he would freeze (programming wtf).

Got some additional attacks to the paladin enemy the stab looked too boring, now they can also slash in place or attack while blocking.

And finally, I got some music (and even more coming this way) and voice lines for Rynn! thanks to @farion for helping me on that, they still are not normalized and may sound weird but I've contacted a friend that will polish them, just that it could take some time because he is very busy with his job.

Well, I think that's all this month.

I really feel like I'm getting a lot done this pasts weeks and I hope this continues, I'll probably will have something new playable ready late this month, like a birthday present for myself! Yes February 27th is my b-day!

My brother and my sister-in-law are still living with me, but they are already working on fixing their house's roof, I expect they go live there soon-ish. After that I will have a lot of work refurbishing my house rooms, after all I need them to be ready for renting them whenever its possible.

As always, I really appreciate your support and all the money I get from patreon is only used for the game's development, and right now will be directed to the music part (a good soundtrack can make or break a game).

And remember to check my twitter and discord for random updates I do sometimes!




Posted by Raeldor - January 19th, 2021

January 2021 Update!

Sorry, this update took more time to make. I normally prepare stuff for the 4th of each month, but being after festivities (here really ends on January the 6th) and last month having too little time to work on the game stuff I decided to delay the post to have the stuff I started last month be more ready to show.

Anyway lets get started!

First I will start showing you what I was already working on but was the last thing I finished.

The waterfalls from last month, I improved it, before they were all sprites, I decided to start working on automate the creation of waterfalls so its easier to edit the levels, I just need to put the origin point and the rest will appear automatically.


After that I decided that the lower part of the waterfall looked ugly, so I made that part a particle system in GMS2 instead of a particle from external source converted to sprite.


In the end I made it so can detect if there is water below so it stops before hitting ground. 


(I also added random transparency to the waterfall so it looks a little better.)

Did a minor update to the bg tileset to see if it looked better, and I like the looks. Basically I'm using the ground texture but shifted saturation and brightness.


The ice one felt too random and noisy to be a background so I decided to try some different looks on it (still needs to improve).

Also, on December I promised to do both Farion and Minirop characters, I couldn't do them in time, but I finished Farion's one early this month, you can see the description here.


Right now I'll be working on Kiuna, Minirop character.

And finally an update to the poll about the savepoints:


I got suggested to use both, the camp as a normal savepoint, and the Sjaell shrine when its relevant, be it for context or as a game mechanic, like before bosses or on important locations.

Maybe also making so the Sjaell shrine also heals you when used.

I feel that's a very good idea and might just use both that way I feel the shrine isn't wasted, the idea of it was cool.

Anyways, I feel this month I really didn't work that much, sorry for that, I felt like I had no free time, between family reunions, work (my day job was being too taxing) and the fact that I had to do some favors to my brother and his girlfriend (They had some trouble fixing their house roof and winter came harsh they couldn't get it in time, so for now I have people in my house and with that it comes also more time cleaning the house and doing chores).

Remember to check my twitter and discord for random updates I do some times!

See ya!



Posted by Raeldor - December 31st, 2020

December 2020 Update!

We are near the end of the year! I hope everyone merry Christmas even with the world falling apart!


I'm still working on the whole mockup stuff.


I added some background decorations for the ruins tileset.


I made some decorations for the ramparts, still look too clean doesn't look like ruins right now...


with a foreground and background versions hip high or ankle high.


made some variations also on the floor, with wooden structures, I feel it needed a little of spice on the variation part.

Also, I'm planning on lots of decorations to put in, like stone arches and other stuff. 

If you noticed this doesn't look too dwarven, I decided to make some changes, and the ruins exterior will be human ruins. a lot of lore behind it though (I should make a Lore post about the basics of the world).

Then after some time thinking hard about doing water for the game I coded it, and use a shader I found in a YouTube tutorial (shaders are hard man).



Water shader fail... but then...




After trying some particles, I decided to put the water mist and change the color a little bit to make it look more like mineralized water and look warmer (we don't want Rynn to freeze on the water).

And its hard to notice maybe but I coded the water/object interaction, when a game object flagged as water interactive, it will create "ripples" in the water, that looks like jelly but I will make some splash particles to make it look less jelly.

I am also working on some waterfall for the background to complement the water in-game.


Still undecided, but looks like the poll has decided for the particle waterfall, though both of those are small mockups I made, just to see what you guys prefer.

I got comments about the particle one to make it a little bit more detailed, don't worry that's not a final look.

Finally, I changed a little bit the Tier 2 as I said in the respective post.


I plan to put some basic stuff for use in your game, like assets (tilesets, basic sprites, etc.), code and scripts (like basic platformer movement and other stuff), You also can request specific stuff you would like to get your hands on.

Grasslands tileset | RareDoggu on Patreon

Right now I only put the old forest tileset I made at the start of Draken's Shrine production.

Well, I felt this month I did little to no work, but it turns out I have a lot to share about it. Sorry for the lengthy post, this kind of posts help me to get motivated bc every time I make them I see how much stuff got made, during the month I always feel I don't work enough on the game.

Anyways, Happy holidays to everyone and I hope you all are enjoying what I'm doing your support really makes a difference. Soon I will be able to pay for some music for the game!





Posted by Raeldor - November 14th, 2020

November 2020 Update!

Well, has been a long month tbh, I will explain more stuff in the end but this month has been hard on me and I could not work that much on the game.

Still made some progress tbh, so lets start!

This month I started just right on where last update ended, because I'm doing some changes on the portraits after K'thani the only logical step was to redo Rynn!


I'm quite happy with the change on my style over the time.


Now, lets talk about the game. I will start with some nice stuff, I coded the behavior for the Archer enemy. 


The arrows have a drop-off and hurt, they stick to surfaces a little bit then disappear.

Worked on new assets also.

This are some assets I'm working on, I'm changing the background tiles, making them more similar to the ground tiles but with a darker shade.

That's supposed to be a Storage tent for the imperial camp.


And this is a military tent for the imperial camp.

Also I'm working on some wooden platforms, still wip though I like the structure but might be too simple.


I coded a system to allow different keyboard layouts to be in the game.



This will make it very easy to put new layouts, right now only QWERTY and AZERTY are in the game, but with this system all i have to put is a new layout and the game will support it instantly.

Finally, remember that I made a discord server where I update new stuff and have neat emojis:

Discord Server

And also, if you want to try how is the game right now the early alpha for patrons is here too!

Alpha test v0.0.0.20 

You only have to back for the Tier 1



PS: I didn't want to bring this bc its "drama" but recently some irl events happened and make life a little more sad and difficult. I will still be strong and try to keep working on stuff though.

My father just passed away unexpectedly on October 16, This year is a very hard one on all of us, but I already lost 4 relatives, my aunt first died of Alzheimer's on January, my grandmother also died in April (nothing to do with covid19) just of old age, then on June my mother also passed on bc of a very aggressive Alzheimer's too. All those were kind of of expected, just its always sad to lose someone, but the hardest one to endure was this...

My father was "healthy" he had bladder cancer, and bc of the covid19 crisis all his medical attentions got delayed, the diagnosis came late, then an early surgery couldn't be done, then the chemotherapy went badly and affected his kidneys, in the end doctors tried to do their bests and wasn't enough. 

My father was maybe my most dear of all my relatives and he was always supportive of me and my projects, he wanted me to succeed and when first I got patrons he was very happy of me, and after all those years enduring my mother's illness, he had to go with her in the end when we were planning a lot of stuff together now free of the burden that my mother's Alzheimer's wasn't binding us to home. He wanted to visit Mexico again where he had close friends.

Sorry, this was a very long rambling about my family and feelings about all of it. It's just sad, and I'm still mourning, but life goes on and I have to make the best of what I got and get what I've always wanted, make games and tell stories so other people can enjoy and make a dent on the world.

See ya soon!



Posted by Raeldor - October 21st, 2020

October 2020 Update!

Spook month is here!

But let's talk about the development of the game. :c

I'll start saying that this has been a long journey. I recall starting gamedev and wondering why I didn't chase my dreams until four years ago.

I was very lost around the 2010, back then bumbled around between a shitty job and shitty studies. Then started to make my own roleplaying game and world this ttrpg I was making (and the novel I tried do write) spawned the world this game takes place in. 

The ruleset for roleplaying game was finished but though it had good ideas I finally felt it was not worth pursuing. Parts of it were overly complicated, and other parts were too simplified, I didn't strike the balance I was seeking, and the novel I was writing got to around 200 pages, and simply stopped writing.

But I found myself when I started to develop games, and even got some money when working with an internet friend I met. And started to enjoy something to work on.

Some history about my dev time:


Image shows a 3 year difference in pixel art and game design


First try of the game I was planning, I realized I wasn't prepared yet.


But now, It's been a year since I started the new project prototype.

Now, what I've done this past month?

Well some more assets to prepare the launch of the first alpha test for the game.


The open cave for Rynn to enter the last stage of the test (fight the bear).


The ice wall at the end of the bear fight.


And some new Ice blocks to break through.

Also I coded the sound system, as I said last month, Now the sound system admits 3 different simultaneous sound for every sound emitter (enemies interactive objects, etc.).

The dialogue, music and menus stuff still need work but the idea on those, is because they aren't camera dependent I just use the basic game maker sound system.

This is the same video than last month, I felt that recording it again wasn't too important.

Look at this cutie! 


Idk why I love her so much, It was really hard to get her portrait right.

When I start drawing I always feel that I cant get where I want it to be, and to be honest I still feel this drawing has some issues I can work on improving myself. But the face specially, I feel like I nailed it my intent (Cute monster face).

Anyways, if you wanna check more info on her check her Character Bio. The bio also has some worldbuilding about dragons.

I have to say that if you want to try the game you can pledge the minimum. 


This will get you some of the builds I feel people interested in it want to try, the other tiers will get more updates on the game.

And I'm thinking if should be worth to put as a reward some source code about my tests and game systems.





Posted by Raeldor - September 23rd, 2020

Well not too much to say right now.

Just wanted to announce it here too, I this week saw the first playable build of the game:



If you want to try it please visit my patreon and, you only have to pledge for the 1$ tier. (If you cant afford dont worry there is plenty of info in my patreon):

Draken's Shrine alpha test

Its very early alpha and has only a few rooms, but there is plenty to test already.

Also you can join my discord or follow me on twitter server for more updates:



Discord invite

Consider checking them!



Posted by Raeldor - September 14th, 2020


September 2020 Update!

Hey people! How is it going? It's time to update!

Remember I did create a Discord Server, you can join in to check out the news updates more often, or just to get exclusive fun emojis for you to use in other servers!


Discord Server invite!

I'll start this month's update showing you how the archer enemy is progressing.


I did finish the shooting animations (still needs to be textured), now I just need a hit animation and the death animation.

For the time being I plan the archer not to move and just aim somewhat where the player is when in sight.

I also worked hard on some new art for the starting level.


there are more coming, I really need to learn to decorate better the environment, feels kind of empty to me.



And finally this month I started working on the sound engine, though I'm a little far behind on what I had planned because of my PC dying for no reason, some family issues and the fact that I had to take a job offer just to go by.

But anyway, here it is:

Sorry for the quality of the audio, the game is in stereo but for some reason when encoding the video it got recorded as mono. (in the original game the bat flapping sounds left and right).

Well, that's all for this month update and soon this month patrons will be able to enjoy an alpha gameplay demo of the game. (I planned it for last month but things get delayed, sorry :c ).

And remember, I love you :*




Posted by Raeldor - August 9th, 2020


August 2020 Update!



This month I'm not late, and while I felt I didn't work too much in the end it was a lot more than expected with all the things happening.

Did a bunch of animations for the enemies and other nice stuff you'll see...

First I'll make an announcement.

I opened commission slots, if you wanna check the prices, style and availability Click here!

Now with the game I will start with some new coding I had to do.


Cutscenes! They have various ways of being triggered, as a collision object and an auto event that triggers after something happens, manages a lot of stuff, like interacting with objects and camera position objects. 

PS: Don't worry about the bear, I put his health to 1 to keep the gif small enough.

I did some new addition to the graphics on the game. Coding a blood splatter engine!


Similar to a tutorial I saw, but I didn't  like how it looked so in the end did my own thing. I'm gonna show how it looks in-game later.

Some new enemies are entering the world, but depending on the feeling of the combat I might change some of the combat code to accommodate for them.

First we have the mini bats:


They are cute and only have 1 hit point. but will be annoying for sure.


Surprised on how much blood they have in them? I'm not.

Also did a big bad bat, just to have a more threatening enemy version of the bat.



I'm kinda proud of the AI of it, idk how i managed to pull it that well, he keeps flying arround the player never too far nor too close till he decides to attack.

As you can see rolling is an effective way to dodge it, while an attack will automatically throw him off the attack state (so it will be less frustrating to deal with).

Finally, I did some more work on another Rynn animation, She getting up from the fireplace.


It probably only play at the start of the game but I felt it was a good way to start it. Her sitting on a camp she made/found, and when the player touches any input she automatically will get up.


In the end I ended up working on more stuff than expected. I'm also working on other secret stuff I can't show here, and have been studying and working part time. So it felt a very productive month.

PS: There is always ways to improve and be more productive though, I waste some time on discord and YouTube and I'm actively trying to reduce that a little bit. :c (pls help me!)

Anyways if you enjoy what you see consider joining me here in Patreon or following me on twitter, soon I will start putting Patreon only polls and exclusive content!

Patreon link

Twitter link

I also opened a Ko-fi link for donations and Commissions!

ko-fi link



Posted by Raeldor - July 31st, 2020


July 2020 Update!

Well well, I'm one day late from the normal schedule of making the update post on the 4th of every month. :(

To be honest this month I did too little stuff, lots of things are happening on my real life, I'm studying some stuff, doing some pixel art practices. 

Sadly most of my time working on the game was spent on polishing a pixel art version of the title screen (and I'm still working on it, doing the title per se). It took lots of work on redoing every edge, when reducing the image resolution all lines got blurred.


Also, as I tweeted, there is some work still to do on the title. 


So, my plan now is to (when all the images are finished) do some coding on the title screen and the pause menu to revamp the aesthetics a little bit.

So we are finished this month, its been a tough one to go through to be honest.


PS: One of the things that affected me the most is that finally my mom passed away, after years of physical and mental health decline.