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Raeldor's News

Posted by Raeldor - December 10th, 2018

Hello again, long time without posting. Sorry...

The thing is after losing a job, I got a better one, with better work/free time ratio. But I started misusing my free time a little bit. Got hooked again on WoW, and after playing so much that I literally was feeling bad for it, I stopped.

Now that-s out of the way, I-ve been working some more on Legacy Raiser. Did some backend stuff, for quests (still have to work on how the quest will be presented to the player) and also didi some progress on the action platformer part of the game.


Behold Lord, the other main character for the game.


And here is the game working, finite state machine controls, tile slopes and combat working, now there is no damage and death still, but i can tell that's easy to do so no worries.

This weekend I've been obsessed with drawing again(not pixel art), so I spent my energy on a pin up pose of Angela.


(the angel you control in the other part of the game remember?) Oh and there is also some floating text feedback I implemented.

So here is the main event for the day!, the drawing!

Here is the link to the SFW version I uploaded here on Newgrounds:


There is more on the raw file behind that bikini ;)

Posted by Raeldor - October 5th, 2018

Hello y'all!

Today I simply want to talk a bit about my personal life.

As you know making games is hard and is even harder to make money with them, and I want to make them but lately in my personal life things happened that i couldn't avoid, a relative with a mental illnes that needs support, then on my day job (where I work hard to earn money to live) kept getting more and more demanding to the point of working 10+ hours a day, without much pay increase if at all.

Well today that ended. My boss on a very odd move, fired me. I knew i could demand my pay (He still hasn't fully payed me what we agreed), So I held my position and asked for it, he fired me screaming a bunch of nonsense, and without letting me to explain my position. :) 

Well, Now I have spare time to keep making games and art. Although I still have to reorganize my life.


Posted by Raeldor - August 11th, 2018



The mechanics of the first enemy are done, everything looks like is working as intended, The harpies will kidnap men from your town and try to get them to their nest (for currently unknown reasons :P), you can try to stop them shooting arrows at them. They will drop their prey to the ground.


Here you can see the test level working with the full interface (keyboard version, there some changes on the interface for the controller version.)


Posted by Raeldor - April 22nd, 2018


Hello all of you reading this!

I'm proud to anounce the new game's title and concept, soon I'll have more info to show!

The title of the game is Legacy Raiser, or for short LegRaiser, a game inspired by Actraiser, an early snes game, where the action platformer was mixed with sim stages, that gave a new and awesome way of increasing the complexity of gameplay and making a basic story of defeating evil much more rich and complex.

My idea for the game is to use the same concept of mixing genres, while the action parts will be "basic" with only movement and a couple of attacks, not like ActRaiser 2 which had a lot of different combat mechanics, I pretend to make the sim part more complex and replayable, making it more similar to a town management/strategy game than a simple build roads and the worshippers do the rest like the previously mentioned Actraiser 1 (Sadly the second one didn't have the sim stages). 

It's really weird because since the 1st game I've never seen another game make a similar concept.

you can see on my previous post more info about:


Soon, I will have new info to show, and i feel the an early demo could be arround the corner (Soon™)

Bye, till the next time!

Posted by Raeldor - March 19th, 2018

Hello all of you!

I've been working hard on my next game, a God game inspired on games as Populous, black and white and ActRiser, the last one is where I've drawn most inspiration from.

As you'd read before, i was trying to get the pathfinding right before starting to develop the rest of the mechanics, that took me some weeks.


Then I moved on to the next part, making some simple assets to get things working on the programming side, and I started to do a tile system, to make it a little easier to edit the level, and got the autotiling for the paths.


Then I moved on to do better assets, and work on the structure building mechaincs.


Finally I worked hard on the avatar sprite and managed to make some peasants walk arround the paths.


Now, I have to keep working on the sprites and the tilesets, and get ready to get some monster action soon.

Posted by Raeldor - February 26th, 2018

I'm currently working for the first time with pathfinding, and it's going very well, almost all the code worked on the first try!


This is the simple pathfinding I made it's an A* algorythm. a very standard one. Working with one pathfinding object in game maker studio is pretty easy. but I pretend to make a pseudo rts with units that move arround themselves.


And the next step is a lot harder, I had to think a lot on how to work arround a system that is designed to not ever encounter moving obstacles but after a couple of coding errors I figured out a way that doesn't seem to be very recource intensive.

​The code is surprisingly simple and I'm glad because then i can make it work on a lot of different projects.

​The next step I'm going to take will (hopefully) adress collision with the goal of the path (when an unit aproaches an enemy and wants to attack it)

Posted by Raeldor - February 18th, 2018

But I'm back finally.

After a long hiatus out of the loop I've returned to the gamedev world with new hopes and dreams!

New Plans:

-Pausing the Valesja project. (the action platformer)

-Finishing Biker Rage.(Done and uploaded)

-Having a brainstorm for an upcoming "big" project. (Platformer/RTS hybrid)

-Look at the Biker Rage final boss. (Really, look at it)



Posted by Raeldor - October 14th, 2017

Currently, I'm testing something I got a hold of, some other user managed to make a semi-working extension for game maker to use the new newgrounds.io instead of my old extension that works with the old API and is being discontinued.


Right now, this extension allows the game to use only medals and scores. I'll be putting some effort to make it understandable how it works (like the old one), but also, I'll try to expand it if I can.

Posted by Raeldor - September 23rd, 2017

I know I'm working slowly but i have a very stressful every day life. 

​Well I'm making new content steadily for Biker rage and soon I think I can release the whole first chapter (3 levels), just finishing the music and enely scripts for the 2nd level. I only have to draw some simple comics between levels and I'll try to make the 3rd level of the chapter soon after. So the first story would be complete.

On a side note I'm making progress on my action platformer prototype I'm working on not able to spoul a lot but after a simple demo/prototype i plan to expand that game a whole lot.

Posted by Raeldor - July 29th, 2017

Light in the dungeon, my entry for the cherry jam is finished, a shame that i can't post an html5 version, here, because looks like the light engine I did for the game is too taxing on html5. but you can play it in itch.io if you want to try it!



Here some screens: