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Raeldor's News

Posted by Raeldor - October 14th, 2017

Currently, I'm testing something I got a hold of, some other user managed to make a semi-working extension for game maker to use the new newgrounds.io instead of my old extension that works with the old API and is being discontinued.


Right now, this extension allows the game to use only medals and scores. I'll be putting some effort to make it understandable how it works (like the old one), but also, I'll try to expand it if I can.

Posted by Raeldor - September 23rd, 2017

I know I'm working slowly but i have a very stressful every day life. 

​Well I'm making new content steadily for Biker rage and soon I think I can release the whole first chapter (3 levels), just finishing the music and enely scripts for the 2nd level. I only have to draw some simple comics between levels and I'll try to make the 3rd level of the chapter soon after. So the first story would be complete.

On a side note I'm making progress on my action platformer prototype I'm working on not able to spoul a lot but after a simple demo/prototype i plan to expand that game a whole lot.

Posted by Raeldor - July 29th, 2017

Light in the dungeon, my entry for the cherry jam is finished, a shame that i can't post an html5 version, here, because looks like the light engine I did for the game is too taxing on html5. but you can play it in itch.io if you want to try it!



Here some screens:




Posted by Raeldor - July 23rd, 2017

I joined a gamejam!

Its called Cherry Jam:



The theme is Dungeon, and here is a sneak peek on my project, I started yesterday and I was working on a shadow engine i think i like how it looks now.


Not any other news really from my other projects aside from I'm still working on them, (Biker Rage) and (The other one with the redhead).

Posted by Raeldor - July 7th, 2017

It's been almost a year since first subscribed to newgrounds! And I resubed too! Thanks to the staff! specially @tomfulp and @realfaction

Let's hope this year will be an awesome one.

Meanwhile on my part these days I have a hard time focusing on developing new content... but I have been working a little bit on Biker Rage: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/692582.

Also I had some comissions to do, Some art for a friend @cagmaster.

And some music I hope that we can hear it soon on animation pieces.

And well I did something awesome the past few weeks and I hope I can show you something more substancial in the near future.


I worked on her animations, as you can notice, the level art is not final, and still i have a lot of work to do on everything.

Hope you all are well, and have a good day!


Posted by Raeldor - June 29th, 2017

I'm working part time on content for Biker Rage, that will have 9 levels divided in 3 chapters, but I'm also starting to work on some sprite art for an adventure platformer game I had in mind since I started developing games. So the progress will get slowed down but I had to tell you I'm still working on games.

Posted by Raeldor - April 27th, 2017

I have so little time recently that the game is taking too long to produce so I thought I publish a demo that has the the first level only.

I will releas also the audio tracks of the game that are in the demo:



Posted by Raeldor - March 14th, 2017

Finally I caught up.

After a Windows update fucking up my pc I redid all my lost work on Biker Rage, my next game, Although it wasn't much lost because all the art I was working on was stored in the cloud, but not the code of the game.

Luckily, the code wasn't much at this state, and also I had an old backup with the base movement (what I'd posted earlier this year running on an Android phone).

Well, without further ado here is a giff with the game so far:



As you can see the player will be able to change lanes (3 lanes) and jump (of course a bike can't jump like that but is for gameplay purposes), with a slight lose of control after a movement to make it challenging and representing the limited maneuverability of a motorcycle. But right now the Biker isn't able to attack, and the only obstacle is a road barrier and also the UI only shows time elapsed and health, for debugging purposes, I will do a proper UI, a lot more obstacles and enemies.

The next step I plan to do is the combat system.I have to think how to do it fun in a autorunner game.

I hope you like the project so far!


Posted by Raeldor - March 9th, 2017

Welp finally I'm forced te clean it up, a fresh install luckly I had a backup of almost everything on my pc. Save for some files for my new project but all the important stuff (steam games) is safe :S.


I will have to redo some of the work.

This was only a quick post to les you know if you are interested (Is someone reading this?)

Posted by Raeldor - February 27th, 2017

I'm 30 now, time to retire, I'm an old man now, I don't understand kids these days...

Back in my day, it was cool being edgy, transgressive, pro individual liberty, let others do what they want, just ask not to step on your equal right to do what you want. You like to do things society doesn't like? Do it regardless, there will be audience for you.

Now it seems that you have to be very pollitically correct or just very, very very, very anti-pc centric. Just let me wach my porn, do my shit and don't go after me because I happen to be caucasian, latino, asian... Male, female... hetero, gay... trans, or whatever you are. If you don't like a game, movie or anything because of the gender or ethnicity of the cast/characters, you are doing it wrong, focus on the story, visuals (and in case of games the gameplay). Also forcing a character of certain gender or race into a story where doesn't fit in just because of quotas is also wrong.

In conclusion let the creators do deir vision, If they feel that the story needs some specific characteristics on the characters. let them do it, the product will find an audience (little niche audience maybe). But let the product speak by itself. I'm thinking of ME: Andromeda, Horizon: Zero dawn, regarless of how they turn out, these games will live up only to their core gameplay and story values. Also don't critizise any game because it has tits or too much gore (Doom 2016 or the new Berserk game).


So, fuck you for telling me what to do/like(I think I will like ME:A).

P.S: Not all of you, a lot of "yous" are nice people :P