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I do comisions and work for some select people. Contact me!

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August 2020 Update!



This month I'm not late, and while I felt I didn't work too much in the end it was a lot more than expected with all the things happening.

Did a bunch of animations for the enemies and other nice stuff you'll see...

First I'll make an announcement.

I opened commission slots, if you wanna check the prices, style and availability Click here!

Now with the game I will start with some new coding I had to do.


Cutscenes! They have various ways of being triggered, as a collision object and an auto event that triggers after something happens, manages a lot of stuff, like interacting with objects and camera position objects. 

PS: Don't worry about the bear, I put his health to 1 to keep the gif small enough.

I did some new addition to the graphics on the game. Coding a blood splatter engine!


Similar to a tutorial I saw, but I didn't  like how it looked so in the end did my own thing. I'm gonna show how it looks in-game later.

Some new enemies are entering the world, but depending on the feeling of the combat I might change some of the combat code to accommodate for them.

First we have the mini bats:


They are cute and only have 1 hit point. but will be annoying for sure.


Surprised on how much blood they have in them? I'm not.

Also did a big bad bat, just to have a more threatening enemy version of the bat.



I'm kinda proud of the AI of it, idk how i managed to pull it that well, he keeps flying arround the player never too far nor too close till he decides to attack.

As you can see rolling is an effective way to dodge it, while an attack will automatically throw him off the attack state (so it will be less frustrating to deal with).

Finally, I did some more work on another Rynn animation, She getting up from the fireplace.


It probably only play at the start of the game but I felt it was a good way to start it. Her sitting on a camp she made/found, and when the player touches any input she automatically will get up.


In the end I ended up working on more stuff than expected. I'm also working on other secret stuff I can't show here, and have been studying and working part time. So it felt a very productive month.

PS: There is always ways to improve and be more productive though, I waste some time on discord and YouTube and I'm actively trying to reduce that a little bit. :c (pls help me!)

Anyways if you enjoy what you see consider joining me here in Patreon or following me on twitter, soon I will start putting Patreon only polls and exclusive content!

Patreon link

Twitter link

I also opened a Ko-fi link for donations and Commissions!

ko-fi link


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Hi, people of newgrounds!

I have to announce that I'm open for commissions!

If you want some art, don't hesitate, contact me via pm here, or on twitter!

I can do:

Digital-art: Shaded 50€, Colored 20€ or Lineart 10€. (No backgrounds)

Pixel Art: Shaded 25€ or Colored 15€ (No Backgrounds)

Sprites: Animated 20€ or Static 10€ character (aproximate price can be discussed with compexity).

Assets: Objects up to 64px 10€, Objects Bigger 20€, Interfaces (design and drawing) 30€, Tileset 25€.

I do NSFW art too, no problem with almost any type (we can discuss).

I accept paypal only.