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January 2021 Update!

Posted by Raeldor - January 19th, 2021

January 2021 Update!

Sorry, this update took more time to make. I normally prepare stuff for the 4th of each month, but being after festivities (here really ends on January the 6th) and last month having too little time to work on the game stuff I decided to delay the post to have the stuff I started last month be more ready to show.

Anyway lets get started!

First I will start showing you what I was already working on but was the last thing I finished.

The waterfalls from last month, I improved it, before they were all sprites, I decided to start working on automate the creation of waterfalls so its easier to edit the levels, I just need to put the origin point and the rest will appear automatically.


After that I decided that the lower part of the waterfall looked ugly, so I made that part a particle system in GMS2 instead of a particle from external source converted to sprite.


In the end I made it so can detect if there is water below so it stops before hitting ground. 


(I also added random transparency to the waterfall so it looks a little better.)

Did a minor update to the bg tileset to see if it looked better, and I like the looks. Basically I'm using the ground texture but shifted saturation and brightness.


The ice one felt too random and noisy to be a background so I decided to try some different looks on it (still needs to improve).

Also, on December I promised to do both Farion and Minirop characters, I couldn't do them in time, but I finished Farion's one early this month, you can see the description here.


Right now I'll be working on Kiuna, Minirop character.

And finally an update to the poll about the savepoints:


I got suggested to use both, the camp as a normal savepoint, and the Sjaell shrine when its relevant, be it for context or as a game mechanic, like before bosses or on important locations.

Maybe also making so the Sjaell shrine also heals you when used.

I feel that's a very good idea and might just use both that way I feel the shrine isn't wasted, the idea of it was cool.

Anyways, I feel this month I really didn't work that much, sorry for that, I felt like I had no free time, between family reunions, work (my day job was being too taxing) and the fact that I had to do some favors to my brother and his girlfriend (They had some trouble fixing their house roof and winter came harsh they couldn't get it in time, so for now I have people in my house and with that it comes also more time cleaning the house and doing chores).

Remember to check my twitter and discord for random updates I do some times!

See ya!



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