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May 2021 Update!

Posted by Raeldor - 1 month ago

May 2021 update!

Hello people!

There goes another month, and I'm very sorry about the slowdown, as I told this past month I had to pick up a day job and there is plenty to fix at my house still.

I know in the April update I talked about doing far less than I wanted but turned out pretty good on that aspect. This month most of the time I spent was doing a background and the new menu graphics and code. And the background turned out bad, so that's being redone.

Well, lets start with the new menu.

I did do start by finishing the stones and coding the text animation, it looks so cool but first was only the rune by itself and the text appeared, but that felt too confusing.

Then I put the grey text to help with the menu and first just the stones were mouse sensitive, but then I decided that making the whole text interactable would be better, and also changed a little bit the graphics, the black stones were hard to see on this kind of background.

Finally the stones will be transparent blue, as a gem to make it look more cohesive with the options menu.


I also redid the code on the save and load to show the progress.


I finally settled with a center screen box type of menu, that will show Rynn stats like health level, abilities and the game progress/time played. On the top the file will show the act you are currently in, and an image related to the zone where the save point was used (that isn't done just a black box).

A huge step towards starting the "real" game is the coding of the quest system. I've been putting small bits of what I needed here and there but finally i got to the point where I could mostly finish it (It will be feedback about what npcs will have quests and if they are already active or not).


And about K'thani I did a bunch of sprite animations of her because she will be the first friendly npc you encounter, and will have a kind of tutorial zone vibe. So she will be moving around.


Because she is a druid, currently she doesn't need the run or the jump animation bc she will be transforming into animals to move around quickly.

And Talking about sprites, I just did a recolor of the wolf enemy to have Skath also in the game.


Feels like cheating, but welp. I suppose that recolors are used in games for a reason.

I tried to do some stuff with the new Rynn fire attacks (Because she lost her sword and she unlocks the fire powers after the prologue) There is a lot of work still to do here though.



I did make a fireball attack that looks pretty lame, so that's gonna change, maybe for the first ranged attack instead of a fireball it will be a moving blade of fire that fades after some distance. And the fireball will be unlocked some time after.

Talking about shitty graphics, I spent like 2 weeks (or maybe more) trying to do some forest background, that I was kinda happy with it.


But turned out bad in-game. So that will be redone. 


I like the concept of giant trees, but those are too big, and detail is lost on them because of the sheer size, like we cant see the bottom really when the player is on Ground (The blue transparent part.) Will be better to make all the good detail of the tree be visible and then the vertical parallax (the hardest thing to get right tbh) just be the leaves.

At least doing this taught me a good quick technique to draw leaves.


You are dead (Not really, this is a sequence I made to put some small transition between the prologue and the Act1) Rynn will wake up at K'thani's house after this.

Some closing words:

Keep deving! my final message. Goodb ye


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