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February 2021 Update!

Posted by Raeldor - February 18th, 2021


It's day 4th of the month! Time  for Game dev Update and oh boy, this is a big one. Seems like the past couple of weeks I got lots of stuff done. I started a new daily schedule that is helping a lot with the development and of course not having any major setbacks like holydays or other irl stuff.

I revamped the inventory system, when I did the old one I was using a very convoluted way to manage it and also was half done, was good enough for the time being (only holding potions) but as time went on it felt too hard to use.


Now the inventory will have 10 item slots that can be stacked, throw away or used (none of the current object examples are usable though, they only are placeholders). Health potions and money have separate fixed slots.


At first I wanted potions to be stackable objects too, but while that felt "realistic" it didn't work well with the game style, where you have to open the inventory to use a potion, so I made the "H" key the use potion button, that made me think what potion to use? big ones first? look for specific potion effects? too complex so I went with the "Dark Souls" style potions, you have a maximum to stack that can be increased and also can be leveled up to heal more in one go.

As a part of the Inventory development I also added money in the game (It's really weird for Rynn to carry money, she is after all never used it xD, but I will figure something out in the story) And I went and also put some basic assets, the spinning coins and a chest.


the coins only drop from chest right now, and they serve no purpose but they are shiny and they like Rynn so much they float to her (Pick me up barbarian-sempai!) and they do tingle when picked up.

On the drawing side I messed with Rynn's idle animations a little bit.


(Secret: She will not carry the sword all the time after the prologue)

I (theoretically) finished a new character design for a patron that will appear in the game as an optional miniboss encounter.


It's Vampire Rynn!

NOT! I'm joking she is Kiuna, a vampire lady that belongs to @minirop. I will post the Bio when I get the story finished.

Now to explain all the backend stuff I can't really show a lot of that here but is nonetheless important!

I worked on the floating texts that are in-game, like the little tutorial text, the pickup numbers and the damage/heal numbers. Before they were drawn on the game layer, that makes them get affected by the scene lighting, in a dark room they wouldn't be visible and I had a workaround with that by just putting a light object that followed the text.

But now I moved everything to the GUI layer, they were harder to code on that layer, because depends on the camera position and other stuff but once I solved it now they wont require a light and always will be drawn at full color and wont be darkened or drawn behind anything except the menu.

Had some trouble adapting the cutscene system to work when far from the player and having the dialogue system integrated on that, they seemed that they didn't like to get along and in the heat of the situation the camera object lost track of the aiming system and had lots of bugs with that, but finally fixed it.

I also had some work changing the damage numbers on enemies, they were too low at the moment and if the player had their luck stat too high any attack would heal them (hint at the RPG system o_O). Touching that weirdly fixed a bug I had with the bear encounter, where if you rolled to make him turn and then rolled back again he would freeze (programming wtf).

Got some additional attacks to the paladin enemy the stab looked too boring, now they can also slash in place or attack while blocking.

And finally, I got some music (and even more coming this way) and voice lines for Rynn! thanks to @farion for helping me on that, they still are not normalized and may sound weird but I've contacted a friend that will polish them, just that it could take some time because he is very busy with his job.

Well, I think that's all this month.

I really feel like I'm getting a lot done this pasts weeks and I hope this continues, I'll probably will have something new playable ready late this month, like a birthday present for myself! Yes February 27th is my b-day!

My brother and my sister-in-law are still living with me, but they are already working on fixing their house's roof, I expect they go live there soon-ish. After that I will have a lot of work refurbishing my house rooms, after all I need them to be ready for renting them whenever its possible.

As always, I really appreciate your support and all the money I get from patreon is only used for the game's development, and right now will be directed to the music part (a good soundtrack can make or break a game).

And remember to check my twitter and discord for random updates I do sometimes!




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Keep up the good work :)