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A very addicting and polished game!

I used to enjoy a lot skating games, a shame that in browser it's hard to control. The game looks great though! Kieep it up and expand it :P

BryceSummer responds:

Thank you!

It's a good start, but sounds and music can make a game look much more complete.

Also I think the enemies give you too much money and then you can plase so much turrets that i think the game bugs out and the bullets dont damage the enemies.

First, this isn't a point and click adventure, and while the gameplay is good I think you should correct that category and also I think that the resolution of the window is off, The game box should be taller I think the game scrolls weird.

The turn speed is too high and is already hard to get through the first choke point, I suggest to reduce the turn speed a little bit, at least on the first parts later on the pilot can be more drunk to make it more difficult.

Nice game!

Awesome music!

Good concept for reloading, gives the feel of urge really, at first is a litlle uncomortable or anoying to get used to, but instead of swiping I put four fingers in a row and click it like a piano, In a mechanical keyboard it can get hard for your finger if you swipe. And having to understand to move before reloading because if you don't when you have the gun loaded you have to stay still to shoot. :S I don't know if that is intended but in the end i liked it.

Really, this is one of the few autorunners/endles runners that I enjoyed.

At first is frustrating, but when you get the hang of it then the game really gains a lot, and the music too because the first couple of notes can be very repeticious and anoying when the music starts over and over, but the track is really good!

Also I like the animation a lot it looks deceptively fluid (i mean in a good way).

Wow, This is a very good game, good concept, and fun to play!

It has creative level design, fun mechanics and awesome music. The aesthetic is simple but still good, maybe is the weakest part for me but that means nothing when the gameplay is so great!

FancyReckless responds:

Thanks for review :) Yeah, art is my weak part, but I'm in process of learning it better.

For a game made in one day and being your first attempt it's okay.

If you want feedback I suggest that the screens need to be bigger, rarley one can react to the alien, and also the door from where the player entered looks like is closed but the player can go through anyways, if you want to mark the entrance in some way maybe another way to draw it will be better than making the entrance grey.

This is verry bugged out, The screen is black and if you look at the web inspector, the game causes a lot of errors.

Hey, great platformer!

I like the story and the player monologue.

The platforming feels almost always good, but it has a bit of acceleration making the precision a little too hard in my opinion.

Anyways great game!

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