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I used to enjoy a lot skating games, a shame that in browser it's hard to control. The game looks great though! Kieep it up and expand it :P

BryceSummer responds:

Thank you!

Wow, This is a very good game, good concept, and fun to play!

It has creative level design, fun mechanics and awesome music. The aesthetic is simple but still good, maybe is the weakest part for me but that means nothing when the gameplay is so great!

FancyReckless responds:

Thanks for review :) Yeah, art is my weak part, but I'm in process of learning it better.

Great writing and good questions and points made!

DeSaGames responds:

This game isn't too heavy on the narrative so I was a bit irked by the script but it's good to hear people are enjoying it!

The game is fine and engaging, but I think there is some bugs on the letter levels, like the girl robot says Q and C at the same time or the speech looks like is cut out at the begginging making it a little difficult to understand correctly. The other modes are okay.

Munguia responds:

Thank you, i used your API for medals, works ok, :)

I touched the planet.

At least this Cyberix3D game isn't a broken mess (like the others I tried).

I like the idea and the platforming of the game, I hope you expand on it because it felt a little too short.

Demastudios responds:

Hey had said not to touch the planet!
However thanks for the vote and the comment!

I love the style of this game!
My only complain is that I recomend to put a mute button, I'm used to listen to podcasts when I play in newgrounds unless I really need to listen the game or the soundtrack is great it's not bad but too loud maybe.

P.D: What engine did you do the game? If I can ask, because I feel the game has a very tight and responsive controls and a good performance.

OzzieHP responds:

thanks! I used construct 2 to make the game https://www.scirra.com/construct2

Hey, much better than the previous one, but I miss more levels, it's a very short game but fun anyways!

Still, I think it's better to update te previous one and announce everywhere you can that you updated the game, because, even if I vote positively it's not a good practice to publish the same game twice. :S

tristababy responds:

ok,thank you for your kindly suggestion! :)

It's fun but there are some bugs, the ball can go inside the paddle and bounce untill falls from it, the bounce mechanics are too much 90 degrees turns and that makes it hard to go for the objectives. And finally the game starts just when the newgrounds popup appears possibly makeing you fail the first level before you can respond to it.

tristababy responds:

Thank you for your comments and suggestions.

Cool concept but too many issues with the game, first, you can't right click in this game, it brings up the flash menu so you can't cancel using the knife. And after using the ingridients succsesfully the bamboo mate goes over them for the rest of the game.

TheMillz responds:

Yea i noticed that too, ganna upload a fixed version soon

EDIT: Just uploaded a new version. Have one small issue I can't seem to fix where the 5th guy's patience meter dosn't show up but it's not huge. Everything else seems to be running ok

It's a good concept, I hope to see more of it. though at the time of this review I dont have anybody to play I can see that It can be fun for a while.

HinzArt responds:

Thank you for your rating! I hope you found somebody to play it with.
Have a great day!

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