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Cool concept but too many issues with the game, first, you can't right click in this game, it brings up the flash menu so you can't cancel using the knife. And after using the ingridients succsesfully the bamboo mate goes over them for the rest of the game.

TheMillz responds:

Yea i noticed that too, ganna upload a fixed version soon

EDIT: Just uploaded a new version. Have one small issue I can't seem to fix where the 5th guy's patience meter dosn't show up but it's not huge. Everything else seems to be running ok

It's a good concept, I hope to see more of it. though at the time of this review I dont have anybody to play I can see that It can be fun for a while.

HinzArt responds:

Thank you for your rating! I hope you found somebody to play it with.
Have a great day!

Good Game!

Graphics: 4 stars. Very detailed game. It has an adventure time aesthetics. Although I feel that the resolution is too low, the screen is too tiny(At least for me).
Music/Sound: 4 stars. Good track and the sound desing its okay.
Gameplay: 3 stars. It has a good gameplay but the framerate its a little low, sometimes doesn't feel well.
Story/Theme: 4 stars. Good theme, simple story but it goes well with the theme of the game.

My only real complain with the game is the framerate, It doesn't feel well, I don't know if It's on my end though.

Hey, Great game.

I love the graphics and the mechanics!

I used Chtorme and works well, itm seems to get stuck loading but works.

Graphics: 4 stars.

Music: 3 Stars.

Gameplay: 4 stars.

Theme: 4 stars.

Jbert000 responds:

Alright good to know that it works ok with Chrome. My computer struggles a bit when I use it. Thanks for the feedback!

Very nice game! With some issues, decent gameplay, very nice music.

Gameplay: 3 stars. Good controls but the difficulty curve is maybe too steep, i understand that you made it hard, but the first level is very easy and then suddenly the second one is very easy to bumb on the spikes, then the 3rd is easier, the fourth too, the fifth looks a harder version of level 2.

Graphics: 3 stars. Nice simple art although maybe if there were different floor tiles so it doesnt look as repetitive.

Music: 3 stars. Mice track! It reminds me of super meat boy. But if you could make it so it loops would be better, because that second of silence is a little anoying.

Seriall responds:

Thanks friend, your comment will help me grow! Awesome review.

It has some bugs but over all a good puzzle game.

The bug was that I only could click once per screen, even on menus and then didn't go to any level. I don't know how i did it but happened in level 8. once i reloaded the game was fine.

TrickDexter responds:

Limiting the selection from the menu on the first run - it's part of the tutorial. After passing the first level - the choice of the menu is free.
Thank you for your review.

I would had played further but i got stuck, the spikes are pretty unforgiving.

I give you 3.5 stars because i would love to keep playing. If I got further I would gave it 4 or 4.5 stars because the game is really promising, even for a porject to only practise.

Gameplay: I find the hero being a little floaty, and when you hit a wal you cant inmediatnly jump, I had to spam jump to get the timing right (the problem with the spike hitboxes mentioned earlier). But still is very responsive. 3 stars.

Music: Great music. i love it! 4.5 stars.

Sound: It's a shame that the game has no sounds. no stars.

Graphics: Cool graphic style. But i feel that the game looses a lot of apeal when the level is zoomed out. I understand is because the level is big and there are a lot of hazards. 4 stars.

Story/Theme: I like it. but it's a shame there is no story, because with that graphic style I am curious about it. 3 stars.

SirAlfi responds:

That's a very detailed review/feedback and i really appreciate it. Unfortunately there isn't any story-line on this one but will include on future projects. The spike on the last level, there is a trick to doing it ;) but above all, thanks for the feedback!

I like the concept. but maybe the levels are too easy. Not a bad thing but I some of the earliest levels were toughter than the later ones.

Great game! Though i think i played it on other website. Glad to see that you publish here too.

Great game!

Gameplay: 3.5 stars. It shows potential. But the controls are a little floaty and the moving camera doesnt help it.

Music: 4 stars. Great choice.

Sounds: 3 stars. Maybe it's me but the voices doesn't seem right all the time.

Story: 5 stars. I really can relate somewat to the story.

Graphics: 4 stars. The graphics are nice but the simple level aesthetic contrast somewhat with the characters and the background. And i think i got a bug where the game froze permanently after pressing several keys at once.

So 4.5 stars. I really enjoyed it. But the camera movement was a little offputing, sometimes I didn't know if a drop was safe or not.

Omegabyte responds:

Thanks a lot for the review! Those are great advices. I will keep them in mind and improve those aspects in the future.

Have an excellent day!!

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