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Biker Rage DEMO

2017-04-27 06:28:30 by Raeldor

I have so little time recently that the game is taking too long to produce so I thought I publish a demo that has the the first level only.

I will releas also the audio tracks of the game that are in the demo:



News on Biker Rage

2017-03-14 10:03:33 by Raeldor

Finally I caught up.

After a Windows update fucking up my pc I redid all my lost work on Biker Rage, my next game, Although it wasn't much lost because all the art I was working on was stored in the cloud, but not the code of the game.

Luckily, the code wasn't much at this state, and also I had an old backup with the base movement (what I'd posted earlier this year running on an Android phone).

Well, without further ado here is a giff with the game so far:



As you can see the player will be able to change lanes (3 lanes) and jump (of course a bike can't jump like that but is for gameplay purposes), with a slight lose of control after a movement to make it challenging and representing the limited maneuverability of a motorcycle. But right now the Biker isn't able to attack, and the only obstacle is a road barrier and also the UI only shows time elapsed and health, for debugging purposes, I will do a proper UI, a lot more obstacles and enemies.

The next step I plan to do is the combat system.I have to think how to do it fun in a autorunner game.

I hope you like the project so far!


My PC is fucked

2017-03-09 17:50:09 by Raeldor

Welp finally I'm forced te clean it up, a fresh install luckly I had a backup of almost everything on my pc. Save for some files for my new project but all the important stuff (steam games) is safe :S.


I will have to redo some of the work.

This was only a quick post to les you know if you are interested (Is someone reading this?)

Happy Birthday to me!

2017-02-27 08:22:26 by Raeldor

I'm 30 now, time to retire, I'm an old man now, I don't understand kids these days...

Back in my day, it was cool being edgy, transgressive, pro individual liberty, let others do what they want, just ask not to step on your equal right to do what you want. You like to do things society doesn't like? Do it regardless, there will be audience for you.

Now it seems that you have to be very pollitically correct or just very, very very, very anti-pc centric. Just let me wach my porn, do my shit and don't go after me because I happen to be caucasian, latino, asian... Male, female... hetero, gay... trans, or whatever you are. If you don't like a game, movie or anything because of the gender or ethnicity of the cast/characters, you are doing it wrong, focus on the story, visuals (and in case of games the gameplay). Also forcing a character of certain gender or race into a story where doesn't fit in just because of quotas is also wrong.

In conclusion let the creators do deir vision, If they feel that the story needs some specific characteristics on the characters. let them do it, the product will find an audience (little niche audience maybe). But let the product speak by itself. I'm thinking of ME: Andromeda, Horizon: Zero dawn, regarless of how they turn out, these games will live up only to their core gameplay and story values. Also don't critizise any game because it has tits or too much gore (Doom 2016 or the new Berserk game).


So, fuck you for telling me what to do/like(I think I will like ME:A).

P.S: Not all of you, a lot of "yous" are nice people :P




Testing games for android devices

2017-02-19 08:57:24 by Raeldor

Configuring it all was a pain... (the phone not so much but still) android now forces you to have the "Android Studio" to have the SDK etc, and for some reason gives you the lastest build tools even when some engines and devices need the old ones and doesn't tell you.

Finally thanks to the error log on game maker I finally found the issue but finding the way to fix it was hard, but now that all is solved I'm testing shitty apps to know how the android devices behave.

Having different display sizes is an issue that Game Maker doesn't make it too easy to solve, the game will scale the image but the "virtual_key_add();" function will depend on the total screen coordinates not the room/view ones so when the device scales the game the coordinates remain the same making the buttons too tiny or too big.

So, I solved it using the "display_get_width();" and "display_get_height(); " function, then doesn't matter the size of the device the touch controls will work using variables linked to that screen size. 

Here is an example, using some testing for the next game I plan to make (the art is not final):

The right half of the screen is the jump button, the upper left half is go up a lane and the lower left half is go down a lane.





So much work...

2017-02-10 18:02:57 by Raeldor

Oh my god...

I'm so tired. I've been working double shift on my day job (I'm really working at night, lol) for two months now, I will get payed more of course but I work on a small restaurant and there are a lot expenses and they are delaying the extra pay a little but I trust my boss, she is fantastic to work with. 

I also have been busy doing some assets for a game a guy is making, some music for an animation another user asked me and I have also been practicing more traditional art, I hope the end result will be good enough to post here.

But still tired of everything. Before christmas I wen to the gym 4 times a week, on december I cut the gym to 3 days, but I coudn't mantain the rythm and now I'm going one week 2 or 3 days and the next one only 1 day then again 2 or 3 days. 

I ramble a lot about my life but well finally I can take a week off work! I hope I can sleep better and go to the gym again.

A huge thanks to everyone!

2017-01-27 10:42:58 by Raeldor

Hi, to all!

Lately I had a great time here on newgrounds, begining with the pixel day, to the day to day interaction with the comunity, lurking on the forum, etc...

I have to thank to @TomFulp for creating such an amazing comunity driven website. I feel that has nailed the sweet spot between an anon image board (Everyone can share their thoughts) and a social media site (A cohesive comunity with certain moderation). People say the site is dying, and I don't feel it, to me it looks better than ever! Also I have to say that when I was a teen I got on this site only for the porn, lol.

When I started my journey to become a game developer (fulfilling my childhood dream of making games) a little more than a year ago I thought that Newgrounds (and Kongregate, even if I'm not so active there.) was the perfect place to start and here we are, almost after a year since I started actively posting I've grown as a developer, artist and of course as a person itself.

The Shyning had an overwhelmingly positive reception (I really didn't expect it), even from a lot of critics of it, and also I too understand the people that don't like that particular game. I was unsure of the reaction from the comunity, maybe I was pushing too hard in some parts of the game, but I thought I can stomach criticism. That reafirmed my position on the first thing an artist, (game dev, etc...) has to have is "artistic integrity", with that I mean a vision of your project, objectives and intent with that art.
Feedback is important, but not so much if it comes from people whom intent is lost. I have a recent example brought to me some days ago about a Steam game named "Ladykiller in a bind", I hadn't played the game but looks like the dev sacrificed one of the most shocking endings because of player feedback and very bad reception on it, even when those people can like other parts of that game. If her (I think the dev is a woman, I didn't check :P) intent was an impactful ending that disgusts the player I feel that falling under the pressure of other peoples opinion is a huge mistake. A weakness that in these times one has to be strong, social media gives people the delusion of having more strength than they would in reality, and the receptor of those messages (feedback, etc...) have that same delusion against them.

So, in the end I have to say that you have to stick to your artistic vision, and also you have to separate good feedback from the bad (A dificult task, yes, but not imposible!).

(What a rant...)

Finally, Thank you all, all the users and staff from Newgrounds!


P.S.: I've been using DeathInk's Moods without knowing who it was from (I like skulls). :P Now Thanks to @RealFaction I have another person to admire!

Happy Pixel day 2017!

2017-01-21 07:00:13 by Raeldor

I just finished submitting all the content I had for today!

I wish all the participants a happy pixel day and good luck!

And here is the main event!

The Shyning:


The Shyning: Code complete

2017-01-11 10:15:17 by Raeldor


Just now, I just finished coding my lastest game! Now I only need to make some music tracks for some levels, and finishing the title screen. I'll try to add medals too but only if they work with the old api that has a lot of issues right now.

Some info about the game: This is a "serious" topic, and I aim the game to be rated Mature, has some extreme violence and nudity. Even then the game has some humour (a little dark and depressing, but still...). I'm aiming to publish it january 21 so it can enter the "Pixel day" comp.


Well, that's all folks! Have a nice day and I hope you enjoy The Shyning.



News on The Shyning

2016-12-31 09:56:14 by Raeldor

After doing some music this week, i'll be focusing on doing som coding for the game, today for example I did part of one of the more complicated endings.


Bear in mind that the gif recorder that I used is not representing the game's fps.