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Wow, Really well done animation, Very good imitation of game animation and fun story!

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A very addicting and polished game!

I used to enjoy a lot skating games, a shame that in browser it's hard to control. The game looks great though! Kieep it up and expand it :P

BryceSummer responds:

Thank you!

It's a good start, but sounds and music can make a game look much more complete.

Also I think the enemies give you too much money and then you can plase so much turrets that i think the game bugs out and the bullets dont damage the enemies.

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Good as always!

This time I was very curious about that game you talked: Loria, woah, nostalgia hit me hard there, Warcraft 1 and 2 were one of the first games I played that I can remember, only behind Monkey island 1 and Doom. This time I could not resist to donate (Looks like this month I'm not going out to eat with my friends :P), It's a shame that such a great indie game has to be so unnoticed, the game looks and feels so polished already (I tried the demo and was a great experience).

Also, I was considering participanting n The arti inspired music content, but I really dont feel confident enough right now, normally I go with my feel abouth what to do next so I have all my attention (The little of it that I have) On one aspect of the arts and right now I'm with the sprite work for my next game, I havent even done the sound or the music because I don't feel it right now.

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RealFaction responds:

Thanks! I doubt it'll get funded given the high price and lack of promotion, but I would love to see it funded and fully playable. Hey it's a contest for fun, feel free to participate for the fun ofit if you wish. It's a contest to help improve your skill. :3 But if you aren't feeling it, no worries. Good luck!

I like your podcasts a lot! You have a nice voice to listen and your backgroudn tracks are great, I specially like the first one.

This one I'm very interested in because of Alien. I liked Prometheus even when maybe I'm the only one in my circle that like it. I can se it's flaws and all of that, the lack of character development and the biblical allegories as a weak point, but got me curious for more info about the origins of the xenomorph. A shame that the movie ended with a cliffhanger ant the new one looks like is more a "remake" than a sequel. Looking forward to see Alien: Covenant.

And about your friend, I wish I could help her, I saw her art and looks great some nice furry art! But lately I spent a lot of money reforming my room and recently my pc broke, and I had to reinstall all, but looks like my hdd is a little damaged. Still I'll keep her in mind If I want some nice artwork (I have some projects in mind with anthro animals and I'd love to see different versions from another persons take on the art but maybe it's a long way away)

RealFaction responds:

Thanks! Oh dang. I'm sorry to hear that. Thanks!

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Beautiful, pixel art, looks hard to simplify colors that much, how many are there? 16?

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I've always wanted to make games, on my teens I used RPG maker just only because it was the only game engine in spanish and I wasn't good at english until recently. Now I try to learn new engines and I'm gathering new skills so I can develop better games.

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